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  • Light grey large sheepskin rug
  • Taupe large sheepskin rug
  • Black large sheepskin rug
  • White large sheepskin rug
  • Graphite large sheepskin rug

Natures Collection

Sheepskin Rug from New Zealand | 4 skins

Light Grey sw
Linen sw
Graphite sw
Taupe sw
Black sw



New Zealand Sheepskin - The Short-Wool Curly Rug Collection

Curly New Zealand sheepskins are known for their short and robust wool fibres and small curls. These sheepskins are suitable for use in a daily life and can be used in seating arrange- ments. A Curly New Zealand sheepskin gives a luxurious touch to any contemporary interior and can be used both in- and outdoors. In our collection you will find a wide range of different sizes and shapes that can be used in countless ways.

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