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  • Reindeer hide rug

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Reindeer hides from Finland | Natural Brown

Natural Brown



Reindeer hide rugs

In Lapland (in the North of Finland) 100,000 reindeers graze among the fields. Over the centuries, this semidomesticated deer has learned to survive in rugged Northern conditions. Reindeers are essentially bred because of the value of their meat. In this sense, their hides are genuine by-products of the meat industry in Lapland. Due to the small amount of reindeers the supply of hides is very limited. Reindeer hides are a natural and comfortable product. They are incredibly soft to the touch and aesthetically beautiful, making them ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor purposes. Reindeer hides should preferably be used for decoration as they are ideally not to be stepped or sat on.

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