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  • English Sheepskin | Long Wool
  • English Sheepskin | Long Wool

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English Sheepskin | Long Wool




Sheepskin rugs from England 

Naturally, silky and popular organic lamb skin from the English freerange sheep can be used for use and decoration of the home, but is especially suitable for use in prams, pushchairs or soft 'play' underlay for babies. Lamb skin is breathable and temperature and moisture regulating to ensure that your child maintains a stable temperature.

For your child, it is important that the material is breathable and also moisture and temperature regulating precisely these lambskin. This ensures a stable temperature in the child. It is not always easy to find out if children have the right temperature when seated in the stroller or lying in the pram and it's cold outside. Sheepskin is a very popular solution for pushchairs, prams or lift as it provides an effective, natural soft and warm insulation of the bottom of the stroller or seat in the stroller.

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