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  • Exotic Tricolor cow hide rug
  • Black White cow hide rug
  • Brown White cow hide rug
  • Champagne cow hide rug
  • Dark Brown cow hide rug
  • Exotic Light cow hide rug
  • Exotic Dark cow hide rug
  • Grey Beige cow hide rug
  • Light Grey cow hide rug
  • Brown White Spottet cow hide rug
  • Black White Spottet cow hide rug
  • Solid Black cow hide rug
  • Solid White cow hide rug

Natures Collection

Cow Hides from Brazil | Quality A+

Exotic Tricolor
Brown White
Grey Beige
Exotic Light
Light Grey
Exotic Dark
Dark Brown
Brown White Spottet
Black White Spottet
Solid White
Solid Black
Black White



Premium Brazilian Cow Hides

Our Brazilian cow hide rugs create a rustic or modern style, depending on the chosen décor. These beautiful cowhides add a touch of exclusivity and exceptional warmth to any environment. Natural Cow Hide rugs on floors can transform a simple lifeless space into an elegant, stylish one. We only carry the highest quality Cow Hides in our range and we never compromise in terms of material or quality. For this reason, we can proudly state that our collection represents the world’s largest and most beautiful Cow Hides. Each hide has been carefully selected by our team in order to make sure that the colors, density, shininess and size meet our very high quality standards. As Cow Hides are a 100% natural product, each skin is unique and no two hides are alike. The colors shown below should therefore only be considered as a guideline.

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