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  • White Icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Black Icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Spotted icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Natural grey Icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Brown Icelandic sheepskin long wool

Natures Collection

90-100 x 60 cm Icelandic sheepskin | Long-Wool

Natural White lw
Natural Black lw
Natural Spottet lw
Natural Grey lw
Natural Brown lw



90-100 x 60 cm Icelandic Sheepskin rug with long wool

The beautiful sheepskin rugs from Iceland have long wool that has a slightly abrasive feel. That is due to the natural conditions in which are sheep grow up, as the Icelandic weather comes with its extremes: rain, storm and snow. Over centuries Icelandic sheep have adapted to the local weather. Since the Icelandic sheepskin are 100% natural, their colors and shapes can vary. That is why the pictures only serve as examples.

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