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  • White Icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Black Icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Spotted icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Natural grey Icelandic sheepskin long wool
  • Brown Icelandic sheepskin long wool

Natures Collection

100-110 x 60 cm Icelandic sheepskin | Long-Wool

Natural White lw
Natural Black lw
Natural Spottet lw
Natural Grey lw
Natural Brown lw



Icelandic Sheepskin - Long-Wool Collection

Beautiful long-wool sheepskin rugs made from icelandic sheepskin. The wool of these rugs is slightly corrosive because of the conditions in which the sheep lived. Born in the Icelandic wild, the sheep roamed freely through the nature, where they were exposed to the local weather with its winds, rain and snow. These conditions have made these skins so unique. 

Due to the rugs being 100% products of nature, their colors may vary slightly. That's why the photos only serve as examples.

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