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FAQ & Product Care

Are your products certified?

We always aim to select the finest and most sustainable products for our webshop. We travel the world for this purpose and we only work with certified suppliers.

Natures Collection, who supply's our products, has very strict requirements for sourcing and each supplier must complete an intensive approval programme before becoming a supplier of any material. Even after passing the approval programme, each NON-EU supplier will be inspected every year to make sure that the ever increasing high standards and requirements are met.

We source products all over the world and we need many different certificates and approvals. At the time of writing, we have the following certificates in accordance with our suppliers: ISO 9001, ISO TS16949, BLC Reach, ISO14001, OSHAS18001, Woolmark Interior & WRAP.

We are certain that you will recognise these efforts, when touching, feeling and experiencing the quality of the products from Natures Collection.

How and who do you use for shipping? 
All shipping on costs a minimum of 7€ no matter where or how big your package is. All shipping will be done fast and efficient by UPS.

When can I expect my package to be delivered? 
If you have placed your order before 3pm (GMT) from monday to friday it will be dispatched the same day, otherwise it will be dispatched they day after, given that it is a working day.

- Europe: 1-3 days
- Rest of the world: 2-4 days

For express delivery – please contact us at

What will happen if I'm not at home when they deliver my package? 
If your are not at home, UPS try another 2 times to deliver the following days. If you are still not at home, they will take the package to the nearest UPS Collecting Point, and of course letting you now by a note and by email. 

Is it secure to shop at your website?
Definately! encrypts all information with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized persons can not read your card number or other information during the transaction with PBS.

-In other words, we have professional people in this area to take care of the security.

I have spilled on my sheepskin, how can I clean it? 
AW! But keep calm, there is of course a solution! Depending on which kind og hide or skin it is, it must be treated differently in such situations.

Watch this guide here for cleaning & treating your product.

On the backside of my icelandic sheepskin is there one or more black lines, what does those mean? 
It is actually pretty simple! When the beautiful skins are made ready and tanned, they are simultaneously measured diagonally from the tannery, and they measure all the hairs with, so will you measure yourselve, remember that it is inclusive hairs.

Thus, the sheepskins are divided up for size III, II, I, 0, 00 where III is at least and 00 is highest as shown in the table below:

 Size from the tannery Size in cm.                                         Size on the back-side    
III 80-90 cm.

80-85 cm.  

II 90-110 cm. 95-90 cm.
I 110-130 cm. 90-100 cm.
0 130+ cm. 100-110 cm.
00 Out of category = Really big! 110+ cm.


Which chairs does the seat covers fit? 
There is actually no correct answer. If you ask us, can they be used for pretty much every chair, both inside and outside, it is only your fantasy and your interior taste that sets the limit. 

If you are in doubt, remember that the shipping cost is so low that it is almost free, and the return is free, so you can always try and see if it fits.

Does my sheepskin tolerate direct sunlight?
basically we advise always that you let your skin be exposed to direct sunlight. Once the skins are dyed it also means that sunlight will bleach the skin and in the worst cases discolor it. If you are in any doubt, ask us.


I've noticed that there are different prices on sheepskins from the same origin, why is that?
That must be the Icelandic sheepskins you are thinking of! And luckily there is a good explanation for that. 

Icelandic sheepskin with natural brown or grey shades is indeed very rare and by that, also a lot more expensive to buy, which of course also will affect the sales price. 

In return you get some amazing beautiful skin in natural colors that no one other has.

Product Care? 100 % Natural Products are EASY-CARE! We promise.

Natural wool- leather- and fur products are very easy to take care of. The fibers’ unique structure even repels dirt and gives a natural durability and robustness.

Even so, we recommend you read below care instructions before taking your Natures Collection product into use. You will always find individual care instructions on any Natures Collection product and you are more than welcome to contact Us for further assistance or questions. 

Below you will find some general care instructions and a few tips & tricks to take care of your Natures Collection product. Firstly, let us give you three simple rules to follow: 

  1. Vacuum, shake or brush your product regularly 

  2. Avoid direct sunlight for dyed products.
    This way you will avoid UV damage or fading 

  3. Attend to stains and spills as promptly as possible 

Regular vacuuming will help to maintain the fluffy wool- and fur fibers. Please remember always to choose the lowest suction level to avoid any unnecessary damage. Products with longer wool might also benefit from a brushing occasionally with a wire brush. 

Small stains and spills can mostly be sponged off with a damp cloth and a little bit of lukewarm water. If not, please follow the care instructions on your product or contact our team. 

When dealing with stains and spills it is very important that you attend to the damage as promptly as possible, as wet stains are much easier to deal with than dry stains. 

Finally, please remember that direct sunlight, because of UV radiation, is a strict NO! for dyed products. For all natural colours you are more than welcome to put it in the sun. 

We wish you the very best luck with your Natures Collection product – we are sure that you are going to love it. We do!

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