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Sheepskin Blanket

Our beautiful throws from Natures Collection are made from Tibetan and Icelandic sheepskin. The uniqueness of Tibetan/Mongolian Sheepskin is its curl, swirl and lightness and creates stunning home interiors.

Sheepskin throws

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Natures Collection

90-100 x 60 cm Icelandic sheepskin | Long-Wool

From $149.00 - $239.00

Natures Collection

1.5 sheepskin from Tibet | Curly


Natures Collection

100-110 x 60 cm Icelandic sheepskin | Long-Wool

From $159.00 - $219.00

Natures Collection

110-120 x 60 cm Icelandic sheepskin | Long-Wool

From $169.00 - $299.00

Natures Collection

Tibetan Sheepskin Blanket | Couch Blanket


Natures Collection

120+ x 60 cm Icelandic sheepskin | Long-Wool

From $219.00 - $359.00

Natures Collection

Sheepskin Throw from Tibet | Curly


Sheepskin throw for sofa

Our sheepskin blankets, throws and rugs are popular items to decorate your sofa. Try to throw it nonchalant on the backrest of your sofa and you will soon experience, that it will always look amazing. It takes no effort to get an exclusive look with a perfect design and best quality.

How to choose the colour of your Tibetan throw

Our most exquisite throw is the Tibetan sheepskin throw available in an exclusive size compared to the Tibetan blanket.The natural earthy tones of the Tibetan wool is perfect for home decoration as these colours blends in to their surroundings and will add life and structure to your furniture. You can also bring new life to any interior with a colour tone that sparks up or enhance its environment. We love when white and black are used as contrasts to either very bright or dark surroundings and combined with materials like steel, modern plastic furniture, lacquer work, glass and marble. We also adore when the soft grey, cream and brown throws accentuate the use of other natural materials like wood and wool fabrics. They will bring nature into your home and give a pleasant environment. If you have any doubts give us a call or even send us a photo and we will guide you step by step in finding the absolute best choice suitable for you.

Tibetan sheepskin qualities

The size of the Tibetan sheepskin throw will fit a large sofa, bed or around you as a wrap when you need extra luxurious comfort in cosy and quiet moments. Tibetan wool has a distinctive curl so soft and light that you probably will get addicted to striking your fingers through the swirling curls and fluffy wool. Tibetan wool is around 5-12 cm long with waviness unlike any other fur type. For children and babies the experience of the curly wool is a tactile experience that will give comfort and pleasure. We like the idea that the size of this throw makes it possible for a whole family to get together and share the warm qualities of the silky soft Tibetan throw.


large sheepskin throw                             Tibetan sheepskin blanket

Tibetan sheepskin blanket

The Tibetan sheepskin blanket is an easy way to style and refresh your interior. We both recommend the blanket along with furniture or as a floor rug. The rectangular shape and size makes it a versatile product that can be used both in- and outdoor. Put it in your preferred chair, sofa or bed. The Tibetan blankets ooze style and charm and are perfect home decoration for interior connoisseurs who have high demands for long-lasting quality, natural fabric materials and aesthetic standards.  

Sheepskin throw for chair

Use Icelandic sheepskin or the Tibetan blanket in your favourite chair to create a natural and sophisticated interior. You will not only take advantage of the comfortable support of the thick and soft wool when sitting in the chair, you will also bring new life to your furniture which will stand out in the room. 

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