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Cow hide rugs

Our cow hide rugs comes from Brazil and is genuine material. We only sell products of the best quality. Every cowhide will be checked to make sure we keep our high standard. We check among other things the size, if the cow rug is shining and of cause that it is looking great. You can not find to cow hides there are identical because the rugs are a products from the nature  and therefore you get a completely exclusive cowhide every time you by from our selection. Cowhide add a simple rustic or elegant touch depending on your style and how you decorate your home. We are sure that you will not regret buying one of our unique cow hide rugs to your home. A cowhide rug is brilliant for the office as it is incredibly durable, while creating comfort and consistency.

Cowhide rug

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Natures Collection

Cow Hide leather cushions | Quality A+

From $139.00 - $219.00

Cow Hides From Argentina | Black and Brown


Natures Collection

Cow Hides from Brazil | Quality A+

From $599.00 - $1,499.00


All our cowhides are incredibly durable and the short hair makes them bring something rustic and extravagant into your home. They can be used in multiple locations in the house. It is quite popular to use it under the dining table then you will not freeze your feet in the winter. Both the patterns and colors can vary from cowhide to cowhide but one thing can we guarantee and that is that quality is always our first priority no matter what item it is. The variation on the cow hide also means that you get a unique and outstanding cowhide rug. All our products are long lasting but as a precaution it would be a great idea to vacuum gently periodically between. Then you are sure to keep it beautiful and fresh.

Please note that you should only see pictures below as hue-setting. If you have special requests, we are always available and we will do everything to meet your expectations as possible.

Cowhide rugs online

All our cowhide is A + quality. This is the highest level of quality. Our suppliers have many years of experience and tanneries are some of the best at what they do. Handling and processing of the cowhide is made done so they maintain their beautiful and durable quality and look. The authentic colors from the cow is 100% real and charisma from every single cow can be enjoyed when you buy one of our amazing cowhide rugs from Brazil. You can with a cowhide create a beautiful and amazing look. It can be used in both modern and traditional homes. The good thing about cowhide rugs are over other kinds of rugs is that the hair is short it does not shed and is therefore for example ideally in a dining or coffee table.


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