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Baby sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin from New Zealand processed specifically for infants and babies. It fits perfectly in a stroller, pram or a baby chair. You can also lay the sheepskin on the floor to give your baby a safe, warm and comfortable place to sleep or play. 

Baby sheepskins

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Sheepskins for babies

Probably the most important part of the sheepskin for babies is the temperature regulation, which is a feature sheepskins possess. If your baby is feeling too warm, then the sheepskin chills its wool - If freezing, then the wool automatically gets warmer. Perfect for infants and babies!

The sheepskin is clinically tested, which means:


  • It is approved for babies delicate skin
  • It is completely natural
  • Without harming substances
  • Temperature regulating 
  • Woolmark certified 
  • Neutral scents
  • Oekotex certified

    Woolmark certifikat

    The sheepskins wool is breathable, it is also heat- and moistregulating, which guarantees a stable temperature for your baby or child. 

    It is especially important for you child, that the material, on which your child lays, is breathable while still being moist- and temperatureregulating - just like these sheepskin. These features ensure a stable temperature for your child.

    It is a difficult task to keep an eye on your children's temperature, when he or she sits in a stroller og lays in the pram, while it is cold out. This is where sheepskin really come in handy. This sheepskin fits perfectly in your pram, stroller or even a lift. It gives your child an effective, naturally soft and warm isolation from the bottom of the pram or seat of the stroller. 

      Wash instructions, maintenance and good tips:
      • The sheepskin is washable at 30 degrees celsius - we suggest using detergent containing lanolin.
      • Centrifuging is possible, however we suggest airdrying on a flat surface.
      • Avoid direct sunlight
      • Brush the sheepskin after wash to bring back its natural softness.
      • The leather can become stiff after wash, but by pulling it over a tableedge a couple of times, it becomes soft again.
      • The lanolin, which the sheepskin contains by nature, is bacteriostatic, so it doesn't need more washing than necessary.
      • Impurities have a hard time entering the wool, so a damp cloth can most often do the trick.
      • Shake the sheepskin outside regularly.

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