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Sheepskins in the summer - something for everybody

Posted on 27 May 2016

You often hear people tell you that sheepskins and other hides are only for the winter and generally all cold months. But that's a common misconception. Sheepskins are not only warming, but they are temperature regulating. That means that they keep you warm in the winter and have a nice cooling effect in the summer. 

But no matter if you prefer using your sheepskin to warm you or to sit comfortably without sweating, the uses for a sheepskin are nearly limitless.


Why using a sheepskin in the summer is a good idea

There are many reasons, why having sheepskin in the summer is a good idea. For example:

  • On long summer evenings on the terrace or the balcony a hide gives warmth and comfort.
  • Also on camping holidays a sheepskin can give a homey feel and create comfortable atmosphere.
  • On a chair, bench or couch inside your house you don't sweat as easily on sheepskin as on other materials because of the air cushion and the resulting air circulation.
  • Sheepskin is - other than some people say - easy to maintain and to keep clean. Any sweat or spills can be washed out carefully.
Of course there are many more reasons and uses for sheepskins in the summer, especially if you're planning on sitting outside. Now you might be thinking: "well they would say that, why would I put sheepskins on my chairs outside?" 




Try it out!

Do you already have a sheepskin? Then why not try the following:

  • Place your sheepskin on one of your chairs outside (make sure that it looks comfortable and inviting - here is some useful information on product care)
  • Invite some friends or family members over to your place, for example for a cosy BBQ evening or a cup of coffee in the evening, any occasion really where you sit together and have a good time
  • Have look what chair your guests prefer. Is it the chairs with the regular cushions or the chair with the sheepskin?

Try it out - if you opt for one of our sheepskins and the sheepskin fails to impress, we are happy to take it back, no problem at all.


Choose the right outside sheepskin!

Did you already decide to prolong your summer evenings, to improve your everyday life and to create a comfortable, beautiful space around your house and garden? Then a sheepskin may be exactly what you're looking for. Just remember that not all sheepskins are equally suitable for use outside. Coloured hides can fade and lose their colour in direct sunlight, those are better used inside.

Find all sheepskins that can be used outside here.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us at +45 7199 5080 or at We're always happy to help you.


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