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Sheepskin rug for your baby

Posted on 20 May 2016

Did you know that a sheepskin doesn't only keep you warm in the cold winter months, but that it can also have a nice cooling effect in the summer? That's why a good sheepskin can be used all year round.


It's the air cushion

Lambskins and sheepskins have a natural air cushion that lets the air circulate freely. That's why a sheepskin keeps you warm without becoming uncomfortable. And that's also why you won't sweat on a sheepskin, while other synthetic materials can easily become uncomfortable to sit on, especially when sitting on them for a longer time.

With the natural air cushion a lambskin or sheepskin is comfortable to sit on for a long time, even in the summer. The heat that our bodies give off at warm temperatures is diverted by the heat cushion. Sitting on a sheepskin in the summer or leaning on one gives you maximum comfort without breaking a sweat.


by @fitnrun


Baby sheepskin in the summer

Your baby does not only lie comfortably on a sheepskin the the winter, but also in the summer. Because of the air circulation your baby does not sweat as easily on sheepskin as on other materials. And if the baby does sweat, for example when it's very humid outside, the sheepskin absorbs the liquid. You summer baby does not lie wet.

Always ensure to only use organic, natural sheepskins for your baby to lie and play on, for example our organic sheepskin for babies. Such a lambskin is perfect for a pram, baby stroller or for your baby's playing area. Please note though that sheepskins are not suitable for baby beds.

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